BirdLog app

BirdLog app for Android allows making checklists of birds seen, and allows those checklists to be submitted to eBird. I've continued to use the BirdLog app to make my checklists, even though I don't submit them to eBird for Yakima County -- due to 4 of our "top" county eBirders' continually atrocious ethics. Corresponding with George, the developer of the BirdLog app, he won't tell me what file I need to copy in order to backup my BirdLog data. WTF? Yes, I purchased this app, for my current phone, my wife's phone, and for our iPod.
BirdLog also crashes when left unattended. That is, if I start a checklist and don't make an entry for too long, BirdLog crashes. This problem has persisted for years, and the developer knows of it.
Today I noticed that BirdLog will no longer allow me to enter Rock Pigeon on my checklists. If I create an eBird checklist online, eBird, of course, will allow me to enter Rock Pigeon. BirdLog gets its checklist information from eBird. So the problem lies within BirdLog, or how BirdLog is getting its checklist entries.
More and more I think BirdLog is more trouble than it's worth, and the developer seems to want users to purchase BirdsEye, on a subscription model, purchasing the program over and over and over. I'd rather just have this simple program, without it's longtime bugs, and without new bugs, and with the option to back up my data. Too much to ask of George, it seems.