Harris's Sparrow at Poppoff 2014-12-23 ©Kevin S. Lucas

Harris's Sparrow at Poppoff 2014-12-23  ©Kevin S. Lucas


This guy visited the Poppoff sparrow feeding patch today. I was there to check to see if the two White-throated Sparrows I'd found there on the 18th were still around. They were. I was about to call my wife Mary, so she could come see them when this first winter Harris Sparrow showed up. I phoned Mary, and she and Nori, our dog, came down to see the birds.

On the 18th I'd taken a load to the patch in a baby jogger -- 3 gallon jug of hot water, rubber gloves, a scrub brush, trash bags and a 50# bag of bird seed. I scrubbed out the seed trash can and lid, lined it with a heavy trash bag, filled it with seed and added a scoop, and picked up trash and dog shit. Then I spread seed. While I was packing stuff back in the jogger the sparrows came in, undaunted by Nori, our dog, or me. Two were White-throated Sparrows -- a relatively uncommon bird around here. I'm unable to share such finds on BirdYak because Denny Granstrand blocks my posts. Denny doesn't like my anti-trespassing efforts, and after some prodding admitted he was blocking me, pointing out the BirdYak posting guidelines. Lucky for him, those posting guidelines don't explicitly prohibit his posts bragging about his sightings of birds that he has done while trespassing, e.g. Tufted Duck from the private land on the west shore of Priest Rapids Lake. Besides the trespass, he violated the Yakima Training Center regulations to access it through the YTC. Go Denny Go. I know that's how it's been done for years, since that's how Andy Stepniewski taught me to do there, and in emails taught other birders. He warned in one of those emails to hide the observation viewpoint since it was prohibited. Andy has said to Mary & me that when trespassing at Priest Rapids he thinks it best to claim ignorance. Scott claimed his trespass on Priest Rapids Dam was simply a "No No."
None of them wants to loose credit for their trespass sightings. The ABA prohibits trespassing while listing. It's an ethics thing.
I've cleaned up my act, and cleaned out the decaying organic matter from the bird seed trash can, but there's still a rotten smell around here.