I've got lots of photos here that, artistically or technically, aren't high quality. I put many up that I think are just neato or pretty or funny, so folks can see what birds look like outside of a field guide, from my point of view. Other photos are simply proof of me seeing a bird. I put them here so others who want to see the bird know it really exists, hoping it will encourage them to go see it. I also post them to put my sightings up for review and to prove to those who doubt my sightings that I'm not just one of the county's stringers. I just learned the term "Stringer" and the acronym "SSV" tonight. I read a Tweeters post by Ian Paulson that pointed to reviews of David Sibley's new field guide. On one of those review sites was also "The Birder Jargon Dictionary" where I found this,
"Stringer – n. A person with a reputation of knowingly misleading others about the presence of rare bird, or one who is believed to intentionally fabricate rare bird sightings. The presence of malice is important in distinguishing a string from a well-intentioned mistake. see also String"
There I also found an acronym that I like much more,
"SSV – n. Soul Satisfying View. A term used for a life bird seen exceptionally well." That's where it's at.

Ian Paulsen's The Birdbooker Report:

Nate Swick's The Drinking Bird -- The Birder Jargon Dictionary web page: