Trying to Hide Shame

Denny Grandstander is blocking my posts to BirdYak -- due to my comments there about local bird listers trespassing. He's understandably concerned. Most of his concern about my posts probably comes from the fact that trespass sightings (on Yakama Nation closed lands and on the private property on the Yakima shore of Priest Rapids Lake) violate the ABA Code of Birding Ethics. If that gets out, any birds he identified while trespassing might get disqualified from his ABA and Washington Birder lists. I don't think he'd like that.
He can block me from BirdYak posts, but he should clean up his own act. I've not heard Andy brag about trespassing lately, and Scott & Eric have blamed most of their trespassing on Andy. So at least they seem to recognize that trespassing to list birds is wrong. That's a start. It seems the grandstander needs to play catch up.

I think Yakima County bird listers should:

Not trespass anywhere.
Not pretend to be ignorant.
Not encourage others to trespass.
Not lead others to trespass.
Not use playback on rare birds.
Not keep trip leaders from using liability release waivers.
Not call in Spotted Owls.
Not cheat during Big Day attempts.
Not imply my photo on a previous day substantiates your sighting the next day.
(Hint for Scott: cite your own photo if it can prove your report.)
Always try to bird ethically, and strive to improve their behavior.

You might be offended by my comments about trespassing & other unethical behavior. I'm offended by trespassing and lying about it.

p.s. Denny -- as BirdYak list owner you too should follow the BirdYak posting guidelines, and you should not post there about your exploits outside of Yakima County, lest you have to block your self from posting.
You also shouldn't accuse me of hiding my sightings. I've simply stopped listing in Yakima County on eBird -- to stay out of a race with cheaters. I still share my sightings.

I'm still improving my birding ethics, and I won't be silent about bad behavior.

A good read:

Good birding,